The Roach E. Reaper method enables the killing of cockroaches with a minimal amount of Boric Acid. The same method is usually effective against some types of ants, but it is NOT effective against flying insects or fleas or pests like spiders. Boric Acid is a natural mineral. It must be located, mined and purified, but there is no need for a chemical factory (probably smelly and possibly dangerous) to actually make it from scratch. There are good reasons to choose Boric Acid for killing insects:

There is a "problem" in using Boric Acid to kill cockroaches, however: the insects do not normally regard Boric Acid as a food. Most often, when a cockroach encounters pure Boric Acid, they ignore it, or even worse, they actively avoid it. That's the reason for the infused squares of wood: when a cockroach encounters pure Boric Acid on one of our special infused squares of wood, the cockroach most often ingests the Boric Acid as it would ingest a food. It's the last eating the cockroach will probably get to do.