All you need to do to start killing cockroaches with the Roach E. Reaper method is to set up "kill sites" at appropriate locations throughout the home. The kill site is a small, pea-sized pile of Boric Acid on top of an infused piece of wood. The bottom of the wood is marked with an " X ". Nothing dangerous or unpleasant is used in processing the wooden squares, but sometimes a pathogen can contaminate a wooden square. That's why you should wear gloves or wash your hands after handling the squares. "Appropriate locations" means those places which are out of reach of children and pets where cockroaches search for food. Good locations usually include: under or behind kitchen appliances; under enclosed sinks in kitchen, bathrooms, and garage; under low sitting furniture in the living room; etc.

A yardstick or ruler can be useful tool in pushing the kill site into the desired position. When the Boric Acid has been removed from a kill site, a new pea-sized pile of Boric Acid can be put on the wood, or an entire new kill site can be used as a replacement.