The retail unit for Roach E. Reaper, intended to roach-proof an average three bedroom home, includes 8 g pure Boric Acid, which must be kept away from children and must be handled with care, and 18 specially infused squares of wood. A kill site is set up by simply puting a small amount of the Boric Acid on the top of one of the squares. Then the kill site is left, out of reach of children or pets, where cockroaches search for food.

U. S. residents who live in Florida can purchase the retail unit of Roach E. Reaper by mail order for $6.00. All purchases of Roach E. Reaper must be paid in U. S. dollars. To obtain the retail unit by mail order, you should write a check payable to Die, Bugs, Die! in the amount of $6.00 for each retail unit being ordered. Be sure to sign your check and to include your name and mailing address with an order, and tell the number of retail units being ordered. Mail the complete order to the address below:

Die, Bugs, Die!
P. O. Box 9363
Daytona Beach, FL 32120

People who live outside the U.S. should send an equiry to You must be able tomplete the mail order for Roach E. Reaper. That means you must be able to write a check payable to Die, Bugs, Die! in U.S. currency. The total price will be $6.00 plus the cost of international mail.

If you want your order to be kept until the end of the month, when 10% of the mail orders for that month will be randomly selected to receive the Roach E. Reaper at no charge, you should say in your order that it should be kept till the end of the month. If you do not specify that your order should be kept until the end of the month, the order may be filled and the retail unit might be shipped before the end of the month. This can get the Roach E. Reaper to you more quickly than if the order is kept until the end of the month, but it will eliminate your order from the random selection of orders to receive the Roach E. Reaper at no charge.

If you want to be notified when your order ships, and be provided with a tracking number, you should also include your e-mail address so the tracking number can be sent to you by e-mail.

For a Florida resident to purchase Roach E. Reaper by credit card, you should first send an e-mail message to the address given below. Please include your name and regular mailing address in this message:

Please type "credit card" into the subject line for the message. In reply, a link will be sent to you that enables access to a credit card payment page that is managed by Pay Pal. Be sure you fill out the Pay Pal form completely. Submitting the form will complete your purchase of the Roach E. Reaper. Be advised that your next credit card statement will have a balance increase of $6.00 for a payment to Pay Pal for this purchase.

Die, Bugs, Die! guarantees the Roach E. Reaper. If you are not satisfied when you receive it, or you are not satisfied with its performance when used as directed, you can request a refund by regular mail. Send the written request for refund to our address for regular mail. Include the name of the person to whom a refund check should be payable, and the address to which the refund check should be mailed.