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To use the Roach E. Reaper method to kill cockroaches, all you need to do is set up "Kill Sites" and leave them for the cockroaches. Each kill site is a small, pea-sized pile of pure Boric Acid powder placed on the top (bottom marked with an "X") of a special infused square of wood. Eighteen of these wooden squares are included in the Roach E. Reaper package. A small stick is included for use as a scooper of the Boric Acid. This stick should also be used to break up any large clumps in the Boric Acid. It is normal for dry Boric Acid to form clumps by absorbing moisture from the air. Do not use too much Boric Acid on a given square! Only a small amount of Boric Acid is needed. A pea-sized pile is enough to cover only about 1/4 of the wooden square, but that small amount is plenty to make an effective kill site. All of this is illustrated by the picture to the right.

CAUTION!All kill sites must be positioned out of reach of children or pets!
Wash your hands after handling the Boric Acid or the wooden squares.

All kill sites are located out of sight and where a child or pet cannot get at them. Even with these precautions taken, however, all adults in your home should know what a kill site is and be aware of the potential harm that Boric Acid can do. Especially when they bring a child or a pet into your home, adult visitors should be shown a kill site and be advised of the risk posed by Boric Acid. We have made a whimsical, cartoon-like image of a character we call the Roach E. Reaper. The image has been made into stickers that measure approx. 2" x 2". Showing a sticker of the Roach E. Reaper can be a good way to introduce the kill site to adult visitors. If you would like to receive a complimentary set of three stickers, please send your complete mailing address by e-mail to reaperstickers@diebugsdie.net. NOTE: A sticker should not be applied to any surface with the intention of moving it later. Any effort to remove a sticker usually destroys the sticker and causes damage to the surface to which the sticker has been applied.

Good locations for kill sites may include beside, behind, and under kitchen appliances; under sinks in the kitchen, bathrooms, and garage; under low-sitting furniture in the living room; etc. A yardstick or ruler can be useful in pushing a kill site into the desired position. Once a kill site is in place, it should be left undisturbed for at least two weeks. After that time, you can check a given kill site to see how much Boric Acid has been taken by insects. If desired, you can re-load a given wooden square with Boric Acid, or you can replace a used up kill site with a completely new one.

Guarantee:If you use the Roach E. Reaper as directed on the box, and you are dissatisfied with its performance for any reason, you can send a written request for a full refund to the post office box address given above. All requests for a refund must include the name of the person to whom a refund check should be payable, the mailing address to which the refund should be sent, the name and address of the store at which the Roach E. Reaper was purchased, and the total amount paid.