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To enable use of the Roach E. Reaper method for killing cockroaches, Die, Bugs, Die! provides a small box containing eighteen infused wooden squares. The box also contains eight grams of pure Boric Acid in a small plastic container. There are several good reasons for choosing pure Boric Acid as a cockroach killer:

To maximize the rate at which cockroaches are killed, you should remove as many alternative food souces in the home or business as possible. This means that you must clean up all food spills as soon as they occur, even small ones, and that you must store food where the cockroaches can't get at it. Then, you should set up as many cockroach killing sites as you can. The retail package of Roach E. Reaper contains eighteen squares of wood. This provides for eighteen cockroach killing sites, which is an adequate number for an average sized three bedroom, two bath, home. The contents of the retail package of Roach E. Reaper (excluding the quarter and extra jar top) are shown at the left.

There is no difference between killing cockroaches with Boric Acid on thick wooden squares or with Boric Acid on thin wooden squares. The thicker pieces of wood might not fit into some spaces, however, so then one of the thinner pieces of wood should be used. The Boric Acid should not make contact with any surface when you push a kill site into the desired position, and the bottom of the wood, always marked with an "X", should lie flat against the floor or other surface when the kill site is in place.

The Roach E. Reaper has been tested scientifically by an independent authority, but only against cockroaches. It has not been tested by independent authority against ants. Informal observations made by Die, Bugs, Die!, however, indicate that the Roach E. Reaper method can sometimes be effective against some types of ants. To request information about use of the Roach E. Reaper method against ants, send a written request by regular mail to the PO Box address given above, or send an e-mail request for information using the address below:


Special Note:The person who discovered the Roach E. Reaper method is a scientist who routinely thinks logically ahead of his own time. Included in his logical thoughts are a recommendation for more effective use of color in automotive lighting (to include traffic signal lights); a better way to analyze the stoichiometry of chemical reactions; and, a possible way to detect the "absolute motion" of the earth (even though the theory of special relativity claims that it's not possible) with magnets rather than with light. If you like scientific logic for its own sake, and if you would like to read some ideas that are likely to be of much interest to scientists and engineers of the future, you are invited to visit the URL given below: