Adults who bring a child or a pet into your home should be shown a kill site and cautioned about the potential harm that Boric Acid can do. We have made a sticker of a non-threatening version of the Roach E. Reaper that might sometimes provide a good way to bring up the topic of the kill sites in your home. After viewing the sticker you can return to this page most simply just by using the "back arrow" button provided by the browser. We cannot provide you with a link to this website, but you can view this sticker by typing the URL below into the address bar of your internet browser:

You can request three free stickers by sending your name and mailing address to the following e-mail address:

Please type "stickers" into the subject line of the message.

One of the ways to obtain the Roach E. Reaper is by mail order. The price of the standard retail unit, containing 8 grams of pure Boria Acid and 18 infused squares of wood, intended to roach-proof an average sized three bedroom home, is $6.00 in U.S. currency.

In addition, 10% of the mail orders received each month are randomly selected to receive the Roach E. Reaper free of charge. But you have to say "Please Hold" with the order itself to ensure that the order will be included at the end of the month when the 10% random selection of mail orders is made.